Block of the month

Legendary Loves
Designed by Denice Lipscomb, is a 12 month program celebrating love. Along with detailed instructions for a block of the quilt, each month will include a story of a couple who found deep and abiding love with one another. From Odysseus and Penelope to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, each of these couples will touch your heart in a special way. Finished size 97" x 103". $29.95 per month, starting January 27th. 

Shooting Stars by Patrick Lose 
The festive stars, in 24 colorful prints, look like fireworks bursting on a white backdrop. Finished size 92" x 104". $29.95 per month, starting January 27th. 

Tweets & Twinkles Block of the Month
Second Saturday of the month, starting February 11th, 2017. Available as cotton on cotton for $22.00 per month, cotton on
wool for $30.00 per month or wool on wool for $34.00 per month.  
Month 1