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A call to all quilters for help

Spring has sprung, maybe not the way we would have liked. 

That being said the week did not start off on the right foot i had a major meltdown Monday night that lasted until Thursday.
I looked in the mirror slapped myself and said buck up and get it together!! And so, Dave and I  went to the shop cut and donated bags and bags of fat quarters to give to groups working on surgical masks. Then he went on strike because he didn't like cutting fat quarters. So now we are on to half meters and metres for free!

Our quilting friends are being asked to make masks by the health care community. I think Tammy Bentley has made about 150 and is still being asked for more.  Ruth Shannon is spearheading for various groups in the community.

And so, i am asking the generous quilting community who we know have more fat quarters than they know what to do with! If you don't want to sew masks, you can donate any extra fat quarters or other fabric, to please do so.Place as many as you like up to 10 fat quarters in a ziplock bag.

We will be having 2 bins outside of the store, one for donations that people can pick up and sew masks and a second one to drop off completed masks.

Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated weather it is fabric donations or sewing masks. (link for masks below)

DROP OFF times:

Monday 1:30  until 2:30 
and again
Thursday 12:30 until 2:30  at which time a healthcare worker will come by and pick up the completed masks.

If you have any question please email me at

With heart felt thanks,   Karen

Link to mask tutorial   Mask for a Nurse by a Nurse